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Updated: 2010-09-16 07:45
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Cop buys live egret from eatery and sets it free

A policeman from Danzhou, Hainan province, bought a live wild egret from a local restaurant only so he could set it free last week.

Deng Xianghai was on an official trip to Sandu when he spotted the caged bird at a restaurant.

The restaurant owner told the cop his son had captured the egret from the fields and he could have it for 50 yuan ($7.5).

Deng immediately handed the eatery boss the amount and freed the egret into the wild.

"The way he was inquiring about the bird I thought he was going to eat it. I'm surprised he let it go," the restaurant owner said.

(Nanguo Metropolis Daily)

(China Daily 09/16/2010 page5)