Single women should set their sights lower

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Updated: 2010-03-30 08:13
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On Simply fabulous but still single

No threat from intelligent women

Too bad there aren't a lot more slightly older Western men here to marry these women. I married a Chinese girl two degrees above me and a little younger than me and we are extremely happy. A perfect match in fact. My life experience and exposure abroad seem to equal her education. We both appreciate each other's contribution to the relationship. These educated women all seem to speak English quite well so communication isn't an issue. Western men aren't as threatened by intelligent women, especially here in China because the level of co-operation is far higher.


Smarter women better for marriage

Some studies found that, statistically, marriages last longer if the woman is more intelligent than the man. So she might want to reconsider looking for a man more intelligent than her. I don't know how much money a psychologist makes in China, but I guess the income isn't so low that she has to look for someone that makes more money than her. In my opinion money shouldn't come into consideration if you look for love.


Trust in fairy tales

Best wishes to this sister. Don't worry; your Mr Right will come to you. If you trust in fairy tales, you know it always has a happy ending. But it's not easy, right?


No pain, no gain

Life is about choice. So if you choose to be a powerful woman, you will lose your ideal husband. It goes without saying that gaining means losing.


Single woman story a 'joke'

Your story last Friday on the 30-year-old psychologist woman who can't find a husband was a joke. Tell the spoiled princesses who wrote and edited that whole page to grow up. I assume the China Daily wants readers who are older than 14 or so; most of us are not social retards like these girls from one-child families. No wonder none of them can find a husband - but please don't expect your readers to care about their whining.

Former reader

On Some hutong not worth it

Modernization, not demolition

The whole beauty of the hutong of the post-Qing Dynasty was the sense of community. The hutong homes were a real neighborhood that fostered interaction and relationships that just can't be replicated in a 30-story residential tower. Do you hang out with your neighbors in your hallway, or sit in the elevator during the afternoon playing a board game? I think not. I completely understand that some are really in need of proper heating and electricity, and others have become glorified tourist traps. However, the answer should not be to tear them down but rather to modernize and renovate.


Assume the worst

Your hutong experience seems to be only based on Qianmen and Nanluoguxiang. You clearly know nothing about hutong and make very shallow assumptions. I'm not going to waste my time with an explanation. But let me guess, you live in a very large apartment complex and shop at Carrefour. When you take a train to see the real China, you go to Yangshou and Pingyao. Or did I just make a very shallow assumption about you?

Assumption Bumpkin

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