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Updated: 2009-12-10 07:48

New rule prohibits bus drivers from eating garlic

A new rule that prohibits frontline staff of highway transportation companies from eating garlic and spring onions before work has sparked a debate in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province.

According to the rule, bus drivers, ticket sellers, conductors and guides are not allowed to eat garlic and onions before reporting for work.

Many residents who believe employees in public transport stink of onion and garlic are in favor of the new regulation, but there are several others who believe it is unfair to implement a rule that prohibits people from eating what they like.

(Information Times)

Alcohol addict arrives in hospital for help

A woman addicted to alcohol for the last 10 years arrived in the hospital of armed police in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, seeking medical help last Wednesday.

Xiao Yu, 38, who was born in a well-off family, said she had spent more than 1 million yuan on alcohol in the past decade.

"My parents don't talk to me anymore. And most of my relatives try and avoid me because I drink all the time," she said.

Xiao, who claims she can drink 1.25 liters of pure alcohol in one sitting, was fired from her job early this year.

(Southern Metropolis Daily)

(China Daily 12/10/2009 page6)