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Updated: 2009-07-14 07:43

20 years jail for vandal who tried to extort police

A man was sentenced to 20 years in jail for deliberately causing three fires and two explosions in 16 days to extort 60,000 yuan ($8,782) from the police.

Xu Tai, wrote two extortion letters to the police chief in Siping, a city in Liaoning province, but failed to get a penny from the authorities.

To vent his anger, he set fires and caused explosions in different residential districts before his phone call to the police chief was traced.

(Peninsula Morning Post)

Bag-snatcher's plea for mercy fails

A man who snatched a woman's bag and ran was forced to kneel and apologize for the crime in Changchun, Jilin, last week.

A man named Shi was on his morning walk when he heard a woman cry for help. He saw a man trying to escape with her bag and cornered the thief in a narrow lane of a residential district in the city.

The bag-snatcher fell to his knees and begged for mercy, but was given away to the police anyway.

(New Culture View)

Monkeys frighten cats placed to shoo away rats

Workers at the Changchun Zoo in Jilin province sent three cats to a monkey-inhabited hill in a bid to get rid of the rats there. Instead, the monkeys got rid of the cats.

Some 50 monkeys surrounded the cats on the zoo's rockery, trying to touch their heads and grab their tails.

The cats got so frightened they couldn't even catch a single rat.

Zookeepers said they will keep trying the idea and maybe one day the cats will get used to the environment on the monkey hill.

(New Culture View)

Court acquits man sued for lover's death

A Beijing court last week acquitted a man sued for causing the death of his girlfriend who tried climbing down his sixth floor apartment with the help of a rope made of bed sheets in April.

The woman was trying to escape with 5,000 yuan ($732) her boyfriend gave her as a betrothal gift, which he wanted back.

The woman's parents sued the man for 160,000 yuan.

The court ruled on Thursday that the boyfriend did nothing wrong and was not responsible for the woman's actions that led to her death.

(Beijing Evening News)

(China Daily 07/14/2009 page5)