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Green Dam curbs porn business
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Updated: 2009-07-03 07:54

Comments on "Government delay order on porn filter software" (China Daily website)

Green Dam curbs porn business

To the online sex shops and pornography websites, the Green Dam represents losses. But China needs to do what is better for its people. Those who suffer loss of business will have to adjust their business models in their own interest.

We should allow some time for the computer suppliers to adjust and for the immediate public disappointment to fade. Then we will see a better picture. The UK and the US have already started massive cyber-wars against billions of unwanted elements in their systems, which are beyond public discussion. It is entirely in their national interest to do so.

Similarly, in this cyber world, China needs to do what is proper and good and in its own national interest: Implement Green Dam when it is ready. It is never too late to do so if it is safe.

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Not convincing

I totally disagree with the stance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) on the Green Dam.

First, this worthless software is not effective in protecting teenagers from seeing porn content, as has been proved by many users through experiments.

Second, we don't want somebody to monitor our online activity. People have the freedom to obtain information from the Internet.

Finally, we suspect that there might be some irregularities in the procurement of the software between the Green Dam maker and MIIT.


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Money be spent to prevent disasters

Comment on “Weather disasters may rise in China"(China Daily website)

China should spend some of its financial reserves to implement disaster prevention measures. The projects should be carefully chosen and subject to proper cost-benefit analysis. Then, the benefits will be many times more than losses suffered on account of natural disasters. It is better to act on these sooner rather than later.


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