CHINA DAILY - Wednesday April 22,2009
The number of labor disputes heard by courts has skyrocketed this year with many employees choosing legal avenues before trying to sort out problems with their bosses, experts said yesterday.
Photo taken by Miami Herald's Patrick Farrell won the Pulitzer for Breaking News Photography. The original caption reads: "Sonson Pierre, 7, huddles in mud outside his home in Gonaives", a city in Haiti.
China Scene
The fourth Expo Central China 2009 will be held in Hefei, Anhui province, from April 26 to 28 with the theme of "innovation, cooperation, rising up and win-win."
Police called 100 times to settle one family's feuds
Wang Xiaojie has been suffering sleepless nights of late. Like most migrant workers, he is worrying about a job - in his case, one 9,000 km away.
Owing to the effective implementation of a series of macroeconomic policies and stimulus packages aimed at tackling the global financial crisis, positive changes have emerged in China's economic landscape. Composite indices in the first quarter indicate the national economy has witnessed positive changes after experiencing a downturn in the previous months.
When the severest global financial crisis since the Great Depression directly affects the Chinese economy, economic transition stands out as a crucial measure to surmount the turmoil and create opportunities to ensure China's sustainable economic growth.
Gome, China's leading electronics retail chain, will focus on transforming some of its existing stores into more profitable mega stores rather than expanding the number of stores nationwide, a company executive said yesterday.
Young architect Jorn Utzon was backpacking through China in the 1950s finding inspiration in the Buddhist temples in Datong and the imperial buildings in the Forbidden City. One day a serious-looking policeman stopped the young Dane demanding to see his travel papers. "Oh I'm sorry," said the charming man. "I have a personal invitation from Chairman Mao to visit China."