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Updated: 2008-12-12 07:41

Gay man gets 15 years for murdering older partner

A young man in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province, was sentenced to 15 years in jail last week for murdering his 60-year-old partner.

The murderer, surnamed Gao, met the victim, Liu, at a local entertainment hall last year and slept with him in the days following.

But late one night in January, Gao was enraged by something Liu did and stabbed him to death.

Local police caught Gao in April and a court judged his acts constituted a crime of intentional injury.

(Lanzhou Morning News)

Electric shock blows man out of bath, through roof

A man in Pengshan county, Sichuan province, was seriously injured when a faulty heater blew him out of his bath last Thursday.

Zeng Changjun, 40, a resident in the county, was bathing around 7 am when an electronic heater suddenly exploded.

He was seriously injured by the electric shock and subsequent explosion.

"He was blown through the ceiling by the explosion," one of Zeng's friends said.

Doctors who treated Zeng at a local hospital in Chengdu, capital of the province, said 98 percent of his body had been burned.

(Chengdu Evening News)

Police put paid to credit card fraud's spending spree

A 19-year-old girl in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, was arrested after using other women's identities to take out credit cards and overdraw them.

Xiao Cheng (not her real name), a staffer of a local insurance company, borrowed an ID card from her classmate to secure a bank credit card and overdraw 4,690 yuan ($680) in October last year.

In June, she borrowed another ID card from a friend and made an overdraft of 2,800 yuan. Three months later she used a shop owner's details to take out a new bank credit card and charged up 8,500 yuan.

(Huashang Daily)

Girls switched at birth reunited with real families

Two girls taken from hospital following their births by each other's family seven years ago were finally reunited with their own parents under court mediation in Ankang, Shanxi province, recently.

Although overjoyed to have their biological daughters back, both families were worried about how they would adapt to the new environment, especially Niuniu, who was forced to move from city to village.

Du, the man who had kept Niuniu for seven years, said he would like to keep both girls in the city to ensure they both enjoyed a good education.

He paid education fees and health insurance for Niuniu before she moved to the countryside with her real parents.

(Sanqin Daily)

Jilted lover kidnaps ex after knifing new flame

A man in Chongqing municipality stabbed his former flame's new boyfriend, kidnapped her and demanded the use of a police car for a final fling.

Chen Wenxue, 27, a resident of Wusheng, Sichuan province, was dumped by his girlfriend earlier this year.

On July 28, he invited her for a final meal together, but when she showed up with her new partner, Chen stabbed him and kidnapped her.

When police arrived, Chen demanded the use of their car to take the girl somewhere to see the sunrise together.

But police convinced him to give up.

Local procuratorate decided to prosecute Chen for his intentional assault and kidnapping last week.

(Chongqing Evening News)

Farmer jailed for collecting loads of medical waste

A Sichuan province woman was sentenced to three years in jail for illegally collecting medical waste by a court in Chongqing municipality last Wednesday.

Zhang Xiuqiong, a farmer, collected more than 33.9 tons of medical waste in Chongqing municipality without a permit from local authorities and was arrested by local police early last month.

A local court judged that Zhang had illegally collected the infectious medical waste, which seriously endangered public health and security.

Zhang was the first person in China to be sentenced for such a crime.

(Chongqing Morning News)

(China Daily 12/12/2008 page6)