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Heroic dad or spoiled celeb?
By Hu Deman (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-07-30 07:45

The fairytale wedding of Tony Leung, 46, and Carina Lau, 43, in Bhutan had an unhappy ending when guests Faye "Heavenly Queen" Wong and husband Li Yapeng transited in Thailand on their way home to China. The TV actor went ballistic when reporters tried to take photos of his daughter Li Yan, a bridesmaid at the wedding, who has a cleft palate that has been the focus of certain media hounds.

I'm told Li accused the photographers of touching his daughter and he responded by kicking one paparazzo and throwing his camera to the ground, then snatching a female reporter's video camera and kicking her in the leg when she fell down.

Security officials stepped in to separate the warring factions and my friends have been taking sides ever since. One group says Li is to be commended for being such a protective parent; the other says celebrities should be able to deal with the attention they crave. I'm comfortable sitting on the fence.

The other wedding of note was multibillionaire Terry Gou's union with lissome 33-year-old dance instructor Delia Tseng - and not Carina Lau, who he wooed last year. A day before legalizing their sacred bond, Gou went to the cemetery and prayed before the grave of his first wife, who tragically died of cancer in 2005. He cast divination blocks to get her approval.

The gods said, "Gou for it" and he did, proving he was fit as a fiddle at 57 by doing 30 press-ups in front of guests at the Taipei ceremony over the weekend. Hopefully he managed another 30 in private later. I was informed that KMT honorary chairman Lien Chan said of Gou (who was born in the year of the tiger): "Tiger loves 'Doggy' (Tseng's nickname) and they are as happy as fairies."

I wonder if she's still as keen after Gou told Doggy that his former wife would always be "number one in my heart". Then, after putting Doggy in her place, he gave away 90 percent of his personal $5.7 billion fortune to charity. It's a lot of cash to prove money isn't important. I hope fortune smiles on them.

On Friday I went to the Beijing premiere of Hairspray and was joined by Edison Chen, the sassy trio from pop group S.H.E. and Wang Xiaoya. Chen, you will recall, was embroiled in one of the most entertaining and photographically explicit scandals of the century so far.

Pop star Gillian Chung's innocent reputation was forever stained by the brouhaha, but she's telling anyone who will listen she now forgives Chen for, literally, exposing her to humiliation. "I loved him once and it's meaningless to blame him. He has paid a price for this matter."

Hu Deman, legendary Beijing crosstalker and confidante to China's biggest celebrities, talks to Jules Quartly

(China Daily 07/30/2008 page18)