Parents grateful for time spent with boy

Updated: 2008-05-24 07:41

After losing their little boy to the May 12 earthquake, one family has learned to be grateful for the time they had together.

They hope other families will do the same.

Deng Pei's parents never expected to lose their 6-year-old son so early. They had been looking forward to watching their talented young son perform on stage at the school for International Children's Day next month.

The kindergartener from Loving Heart Kindergarten of Dujiangyan had spent weeks practicing his routine themed at celebrating the Beijing Olympics.

Deng, who had always been shy to show his talent, had just recently started coming out of shell. With support and encouragement from his parents, he was dancing more for guests at home.

Excited about the upcoming show, Deng and his parents were counting down the days to his performance on June 1.

But, in a matter of mere moments on May 12 - everything changed.

Deng's mother Zhang Juan rushed to her son's school immediately after the quake. But, it was too late. She arrived only to find her son's body lying on the lawn of his kindergarten class, motionless.

His little rosy cheeks were red no more. And, no matter how hard his mother called to him, Deng did not respond.

Deng's father Deng Bo was overcome with deep sorrow. He would never again be able to scold his son for eating his favorite unhealthy snack - deep fried potato chips.

Deng's father had always criticized his parents for spoiling their grandchild.

But, now Deng's father only regrets his son would never again be malnourished.

"I will bury my son beside green mountains and clear rivers and hope people alive will cherish their lives and family members."

(China Daily 05/24/2008 page4)