Major railway accidents in the past three decades

Updated: 2008-04-29 07:27

Jan 23, 2008

18 construction workers were killed and nine were injured when they entered a work site an hour earlier than schedule. They were hit by train D59 from Beijing to Qingdao in Anqiu, Shandong province.

April 29, 1997

126 people were killed and 230 were injured when train No 324 from Kunming to Zhengzhou ran into a stationary train No 818 from Changsha to Chaling near Miluo, Hunan province.

June 26, 1989

24 passengers were killed and 39 were injured when an explosion occurred on train No 364 from Hangzhou to Shanghai.

Jan 7, 1988

34 passengers were killed and 30 were injured when train No 272 from Guangzhou to Xi'an caught fire near Matianxu, Hunan province. A passenger was found to be carrying highly inflammable paint.

Jan 17, 1988

19 people were killed and 76 injured when train No 438 from Sankeshu to Jilin ran into a stationary freight train due to brake failure near Wuchang, Heilongjiang province.

Jan 24, 1988

88 passengers were killed, and 202 injured when train No 80 from Kunming to Shanghai derailed near Liupanshui, Guizhou province. Former minister of railways Ding Guangen took the blame and resigned.

March 24, 1988

28 passengers were killed and 99 were injured when train No 311 from Nanjing to Hangzhou collided with the No 208 train from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Twenty-seven of the dead were Japanese students under the age of 16.

July 9, 1981

130 people were killed and 146 were injured when a railway bridge collapsed due to a landslide. Two carriages of train No 442 from Chengdu to Kunming near Ya'an, Sichuan province fell into a river. The line was closed for 15 days.

Jan 22, 1980

22 passengers were killed on train No 403 from Changsha to Guangzhou in Zhuzhou, Hunan province. A carriage caught fire caused by explosive goods carried by a passenger.

Dec 16, 1978

106 passengers were killed and 218 were injured when train No 87 from Nanjing to Xining collided with No 368 train from Xi'an to Xuzhou at Yangzhuang, Henan province. The line was closed for more than nine hours.

(China Daily 04/29/2008 page3)