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Updated: 2008-01-18 07:34

Strong will pulls man through forest disaster

A middle-aged man from the town of Tumen, Jilin province, recently spent three days and two nights wandering alone in a forest.

Wang Hongli, 40, took his motor tricycle out to gather firewood on November 30, but then was pinned beneath it after flipping it on a remote road.

Over the next three days, he slowly crawled back to the main road, where a passerby found him.

"It was my desire to live that helped me get me through all the difficulties I faced," he said.

(City Evening News)

Boy dies in attempted escape from room

A six-year-old boy died on Sunday after jumping off a six-story building in Tieling, Liaoning province, with an umbrella.

A neighbor found the boy's body after the incident. Apparently, the boy's parents had locked him in his room when they went out for work.

Bai, the neighbor, rushed the boy to hospital, but it was too late.

"To avoid such tragedies, parents should not leave young children home alone during the winter vacation," he said.

(Liaoshen Evening News)

Confused drunkard ends up in police custody

A drunk driver surnamed Wang from the Fangshan district of Beijing was taken into custody for five days on Sunday after lying to police.

Wang crashed his car into a tree while driving home one night. He ran home to get help, but then could not find his car when he came back.

Unsure what to do, he called police and said four men had stolen the vehicle. Investigating officers quickly saw through his trick after they found his car not far from his home.

(Beijing Times)

Students beg for the lives of butchered animals

After seeing cats, dogs and birds butchered and sold as food, 10 college students got down on their knees to plead for clemency for the animals at a market in Changchun, Jilin province, on Saturday.

Despite temperatures as low as -27C, the students begged for half an hour until the slaying stopped.

"We hope we can stick up for the poor animals and urge more people to join us to protect them," Yu, one of the student's leaders, said.

(New Business)

(China Daily 01/18/2008 page6)