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Updated: 2007-12-20 07:20

Farmer claims seeing rare Siberian tigers

The pug marks of two wild Siberian tigers, an endangered species, were allegedly found near a village in Hunchun, Heilongjiang Province, last week, after a few cows kept by the villagers were found dead or injured.

A farmer surnamed Ji said he witnessed two of his dogs, each weighing 65 kg, fighting the two tigers for more than 20 minutes near his home. Both the dogs were severely injured.

Examining the pug marks, a wildlife expert surnamed Gao, believed they were very likely those of tigers.

(East Asia Economy and Trade News)

Young girl's attention prank

A six-year-old girl in Dalian, Liaoning Province, has developed the unusual habit of taking off all her clothes and running about the house naked every time her mother returns home from work.

"To rid her of the habit, I would beat her as punishment but failed. My daughter has been acting this way for the past two years," Zhang, the mother, told an expert on psychological counseling, Wen Jing, on Monday.

Wen found that the divorced mother seldom spoke to her daughter and it was her way of trying to seek more attention.

(Chinese Business Morning View)

Bus driver suffers passenger's tirade

A bus driver from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, was abused by a young passenger for requesting he offer his seat to a pregnant woman.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the bus driver surnamed Wang repeatedly asked the young man to give up his seat to the woman.

The man was sitting in a seat reserved for the disabled, elderly, and pregnant woman.

The man eventually gave up his seat but kept on abusing the driver until he alighted from the bus.

The driver simply ignored the insults.

(Taiyuan Evening News)

Online video game troubles marriage

A newlywed husband was so addicted to an online video game that he spent 20,000 yuan ($2,708) of his wife's money within two months and then asked for more.

His wife refused and a quarrel ensued on Sunday night.

Following the quarrel the wife swallowed 20 sleeping pills in a suicide attempt.

She was rushed to hospital and is now out of danger.

(Heilongjiang Morning Post)

(China Daily 12/20/2007 page6)