Training of a child prodigy

Updated: 2007-09-15 07:25

A child prodigy of today may not be a successful person of tomorrow, and their training may contain harmful elements that could destroy the nature of a child, says a signed article in the Yangtze Evening Post:

A child named March Boedihardjo recently made headlines. This summer, the 9-year-old child sat for 40 tests and was recruited by Hong Kong Baptist University. Due to this, he was given the title of "child prodigy" by the media, which triggered a national discussion.

March's case reminds people of a once famous child prodigy in the 1980s. Unfortunately, after growing up, this wonder child didn't achieve anything that was equal to the expectation of his family and country.

If someone is called a wonder child, he may face higher expectations from society than normal people. So even after he grows up and experiences success, he may be considered a failure if the achievements are not outstanding enough.

People also question the training of a child prodigy and doubt whether the training may contain some harmful elements that would destroy the nature of a child.

March was mainly trained by his father. As his father said, his son has a strong point in his personality: he is uniquely composed. His son is also able to concentrate his attention when he attends class, reads a book and does homework. While other children are watching TV and playing online games, his son is working.

"He never plays the online games and only watches TV news. My child in fact has nothing special, but only has observed the above requirements," his father said.

From March's case, we see that the talent cannot be denied when a prodigy appears, but it's common for people to ignore the fact that even a prodigy cannot live without assiduity and careful postnatal training.

(China Daily 09/15/2007 page4)