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Updated: 2007-07-10 07:05

Tackling the source

Comments on Li Xing's column "Bottled water is not so eco-friendly" (China Daily July 5)

Thank you for this article. I have also thought about this. I agree that cleaning up the water sources and water distribution systems would help in keeping our world clean and would help to keep our drinking water safe.

Judy Deeley

Via e-mail

What intelligent writing, Ms. Li! Issues are always easier to deal with when there is some indication of why there is more than one side.

A common alternative to bottled or tap water in the United States is home-filtered water such as the Brita products. This is handy, since you can "make" as much water as you need.

I plan to start reading this web site regularly. High quality, and interesting.


On China Daily website

I was interested in the column written by Li. There are too many column related to economics and business development. What they are doing are just describing the situation, or raising the problem without giving any practical solutions.

Comparatively, the recommendations given by you are more realistic and practical, keep working on it. Dig more new topics out.


On China Daily website

Bad road policies

Comments on Zou Hanru's column "Mainland drivers need to shape up" (China Daily, July 6)

Besides the lack of good behavior from drivers and pedestrians alike, there are also many factors due to bad urban policies: streets too wide to cross; lack of sidewalks or only pedestrian sidewalks; lack of well designed street signs; uncoordinated road signboards, etc.

Also, the speed of public transportation tends to be too slow, so private cars and taxis fill the need for speedier travel.


On China Daily website

As a frequent visitor to HK and mainland, I wholly agree with the writer of the article.

When I cross the road in mainland, I know it is the single most dangerous experience I am likely to face, whereas in HK, I feel totally safe.

It is the attitude of the mainlanders that needs to change, coupled with a stronger enforcement of the traffic laws, through more public investment.

I would also recommend more rights for pedestrians over car drivers because while a damaged car can be replaced, a pedestrian hit by a speeding car cannot.

Steven Shackleford

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