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Updated: 2007-07-06 06:58
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The big picture

Comment on Li Xing's column "Bottled water is not so eco-friendly (China Daily, July 5)

Yes, some things in excess are not good for either consumer or manufacturer - whether for ecology or living standards in general.

But I think you should have addressed the companies who pollute the rivers and streams for profits as more important than Tibet spring water available in your local market.

Henry Fuss

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Li Xing's column on water is all very true.

Here in the US, I encourage people to stop using all plastic because more and more research is showing that most plastic is leaching toxic chemicals into our food - especially into water in those plastic bottles.

I encourage families to use home filtration systems and to use what we call "point of use" purification systems for drinking and cooking.

Elizabeth Shoudy

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Fight pollution

Comments on "Ban slapped on polluting cities, zones" (China Daily, July 4)

I applaud the Chinese government's policies in preventing pollution and I sincerely appeal to all local officials to heed these policies.

What can money do if we destroy the most necessary and basic things in life: air, water and land? These life-sustaining natural elements must be protected. Safeguarding them must take precedence over all profits.


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The government can only do so much. It depends on all of us, especially those responsible locally, to help protect our motherland.

A passerby

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Gates' man

Comment on "Becoming Bill Gates' right-hand man." (China Daily, July 5)

Zhang certainly not only made China proud but those of Chinese descent all over the world. Mr Gates is a man of wisdom and he saw beyond color and creed.


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