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Updated: 2007-07-05 06:56

Stop pollution

Comments on "Ban slapped on polluting cities, zones" (China Daily, July 4)

China should adopt more anti-pollution and pro-environmental lifestyles and technologies. In the future, such services and products will be highly valued all over the world.


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The recent spate of revelations of green algae growing unchecked in major lakes, posing imminent danger to health and threats to life for millions of residents who depend on the water sources, is a forceful reminder of the need to control industrial pollution.


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I think the situation in China now is the same as in Western countries. The economy is well developed but our environment gets badly contaminated.

In the coming 20 years, we have to work hard to maintain a good environment for our sons and grandsons.

A passerby

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Confucian wisdom

Comment on Raymond Zhou's column "Appreciate Guoxue as it is" ( China Daily, June 30)

Confucianism is perfect for dealing with religious, racial, ethnic, and other unreasonable social strife, so it's bound to prosper, because that's precisely what the world currently needs.


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Grandpa Chen Hui

My grandfather, Chen Hui (George Chen), accomplished a lot in his life. When I was informed of his passing away, I was heartbroken.

His warm hugs always made me feel calm and relaxed, and he was always patient with me. I could not, and cannot, accept the fact that he is not here to give that wonderful hug to me again. He has been such a wondrous, inspiring grandfather.

He used to be an interpreter for the very famous Mao Zedong and was also a journalist/managing editor for the China Daily.

Chen Hui knew many people. Isaac Stern, a greatly loved violinist who made a film called From Mao to Mozart, signed and wrote a message in one of his books for my grandfather.

I will follow in my grandfather's footsteps, for one of my long-term goals is to become a journalist.

Laura Chen

Age 10, Fifth Grade

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