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Updated: 2007-07-04 06:55
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Blocking phone porn

With the rolling out in major Chinese cities of the 3G mobile services in the near future, the cell phone will be available with high definition and fast access to the Internet. This could lead to more erotic images being transmitted.

People are particularly worried about the effect this could have on minors.

Even though there is no known software which can control the reception of undesirable material on a 3G mobile device, via the Internet, it is possible to control undesirable material via standard Internet protection tools.

Firewalls, for example, can be configured to block content from specified IP (Internet Protocol) addresses or sites.

Mobile operators would be responsible for setting up content filtering devices and firewalls.

Luo Renji

Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd


Student support

Comments on "China promised 50b yuan for impoverished students" (On China Daily website, July 3)

In the field of education, similar to the intense competition of sports, only the cream will rise to the top.

To have the best brains, we need to have a system that will screen the entire country to bring out the best brains. This can only be achieved by having a system that will not exclude any child merely because he does not have money.

A passerby

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This is surely the way to modernize a nation.

Perhaps the authorities can evaluate the cost of bringing the Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Centers nearer to the rural poor.

You never know. It may be an environment more conducive to learning minus city life's negative attractions.

With modern equipment, a smaller number of highly qualified educators and improved infrastructure plus facilities, poor families can learn just as much and contribute to the country's growth.


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Tibet railway

Comment on "Qinghai-Tibet Railway gets green tick" (China Daily, July 2)

It is a positive sign that we are beginning to care about the impact of construction on the environment.

I do hope that such concerns are based on the views of the government, not on the pressure of public opinion or foreign media.


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Wealth, income gaps

Comment on Hong Liang's column "HK's wealth gap must be narrowed" (China Daily, June 26)

The author mixed up wealth gap and income gap.

The two are not necessarily the same. Some have high incomes yet low savings/wealth; some have low incomes yet high savings/wealth.


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