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Updated: 2007-07-03 06:18

10th anniversary

Comment on "Hong Kong celebrates 10th anniversary of handover" (On China Daily website, July 1)

Hong Kong is stable, developing, and being kept in China.

I only wish Hong Kong a beautiful future.


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Clean up the water

Comment on "Water quality a major priority" (China Daily, July 2)

Not only these three lakes need to be cleaned up, but also all the rivers, lakes and seas, as well as the quality of the atmosphere must be saved from pollution.

Chinese people need the sense of environmental protection. If the cost of economic development is destroying the environment, though people get more money, they will never have a chance to live in an environmentally friendly society.


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True wealth

Comments on Liu Shinan's column "A selfless act from pair who have nothing" ( China Daily, June 27)

Congratulations on another great write on human stories, Mr Liu!

Who are the rich and wealthy? Not the ones sitting behind the wheel of a BMW or in a big mansion.

These two scrap collectors should be considered the wealthy. Theirs is a benevolent heart. This is riches.


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Indeed, they are true heroes, not only in China but in any country in the world. Such selflessness would be valued and appreciated everywhere.

The writer is correct that their story should be told all over China. Too bad it won't be told all over the world because the Western media prefers to have bad stories about China and its people.


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Lacking good education and technical skills, farmers-turned migrant workers are always thought of as living at the bottom of the social ladder.

However, the report should boost our spirits because the human being's development needs not only money but also kindness.


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(China Daily 07/03/2007 page11)