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Updated: 2007-06-29 08:34

Pay for inefficiency

Comment on "7b yuan misused, irregularities found" (China Daily, June 28)

Maybe in a taxation department, there are always countless routine meetings to be held as usual, even if our taxpayers are in badly need of money.

I can't help wondering whether the money we paid is just for buying prizes to encourage those inefficient people in the government? That's more than money wasting!


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The Central Government should recover this money as it belongs to the people. Every effort must be made to ensure that the crooks be brought to the book.

If necessary, prosecute them, and such affairs may not happen again.

Stealing money should be punished with long jail term!


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Jumping etiquette

Comment on Li Xing's column, "Waiting patiently for shorter lines" (China Daily, June 28)

The big difference in the US and China is: If you jump in front of someone in America, you better be prepared to fight.

When Chinese first arrive in the US and see people lining up for buses, they think 'oh jump the line'. But all the people in the line will yell. Chinese in China just accept the jumper...


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Japan's dark side

Comment on "US panel: Japan should apologize for sex slavery" (China Daily, June 28)

The issue here is that it does not matter to which group of raped victims the Japanese government will apologize and pay compensation.

The most important thing is to let the world know the dark side of brutal, sneaky, heartless and shameless Japanese invaders behind the mask.


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Axe the tax

Comment on "Interest tax likely to be suspended soon" (China Daily website, June 28)

Interest Tax is expected to be abolished, as it should be abolished. The reason is very simple. Interest Tax does not play a role in promoting consumption among common Chinese people. Instead its role is extremely negative because it devalues common Chinese people's deposits under the current situation of inflation.


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(China Daily 06/29/2007 page11)