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Updated: 2007-06-28 06:52
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Sex slaves

Comment on "US calls for Japan sex slave apology" (China Daily website, June 27)

Keep up the pressure and eventually Japan may be forced to relent or they'll just look worse and worse in the international community.

China and other nations who suffered from the Japanese invasion during World War II should continue to voice their discontent in public and China with its influence ever growing needs to take the lead.

I'm not sure if this means Japan will show the same remorse and take the corrective actions that Germany has, but the goal is to educate the world about what happened in Asia.

Keep up pressure

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Virtue of migrants

Comment on Liu Shinan's column "A selfless act from pair who have nothing" (China Daily, June 27)

Due to a lack of good education and technical skills, farmer-turned-migrant workers are always considered as living on the lowest rung of the social ladder.

However, from the above report we know what a great virtue it is! We should boost this spirit because the development of the human species needs not only money but also kindness!


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Asian standards

Comment on "Polluters will be forced to pay more" (China Daily, June 27)

It is time Asia sets its own standards moving toward an advanced society. These standards can be higher than existing ones.

It can set its own standards such as: environment safety, protection and cultivation, cultural development and civilization; business and investment; scientific research and development; social development and all other areas necessary to become an advanced society.


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US cuts emissions

Comment on "Schwarzenegger: US must cut emissions before China" (China Daily website, June 27)

I appreciate Schwarzenegger's policy and action in California. Bush needs to bear his responsibility of mitigating climate change in US without paying more attention to other developing countries' problems.

China should rethink how to effectively improve its energy efficiency and cut gas emissions through local governments' efforts, otherwise it will be more big talk without action.


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Wealth gap

Comment on Hong Liang's column "HK's wealth gap must be narrowed"

The author mixed up wealth gap and income gap, and the two are not necessarily the same. Some have high incomes yet low savings/wealth, some have low incomes yet high savings/wealth.

Cary Wan

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