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Updated: 2007-06-27 07:25

Draw lessons

Comment on "Hu stresses scientific development" (China Daily, June 26)

China should continue to implement Deng Xiaoping's brilliant policy of reform and opening-up, and now must be ready for a phase of even fiercer economy, trade and technology competitions on the world market.

To survive in the next period of contest with the developed countries, China's leadership need to keep cool-headed and far-sighted: listen to the people for the best new ideas; drawing lessons from people's advice and criticism; and always help the people in less developed countries.


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Double standards

Comment on "Saddam's cousin 'Chemical Ali' to hang" (China Daily, June 25)

America sold Iraq its most devastating weapons in the 1980s. America has used chemical weapons against millions of innocent Vietnamese people and used weapons of mass destruction against countless more people around the world.

Yet, America believes only they are worthy of deciding "liberation and justice".


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Market insight

Comment on You Nuo's column "Time to take heed of economic warnings" (China Daily, June 25)

I teach Finance at Tsinghua University and was recently giving a lecture on pricing stocks. I then proceeded to talk about irrational exuberance and how psychology and expectations play a role in determining the "fair value" of a stock.

At the end of class we started an open discussion about the Chinese stock market and whether there were fundamental reasons for the stock prices. I was knocked to the floor when several students argued that the market was almost guaranteed to continue to rise because the government would not let the market crash until after the Olympics.

Unfortunately, knowing many other investors here in China, I think many people think the same way.


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Short-term profits

Comment on "Algae afflicts Dianchi Lake" (China Daily website, June 25)

Our circumstance is infected by disease. Why do our people always chase the short-term profits while sacrificing our environment? Our government should release some policies to monitor what happens around us.


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Management needed

Comment on "Nation shifts focus to cut energy use" (China Daily, June 25)

Don't overdo it; it will affect people's living standard. People's livelihoods must not be affected.

China's growth must be managed to maintain, so as to provide employment opportunities to the people and raise living standards to the level of the developed countries in the world.


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