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Updated: 2007-06-26 06:54

Report 'shocking'

Comment on "Civil servants probed for 'slave' scandal" (China Daily website, June 24)

Anybody reading about this scandal will definitely be shocked. Those officials connected with it deserve heavy punishment.

We are ashamed of what they did. We need to get to the root of the problem.


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Stop speculation

Comment on "Inflation could lead to an interest rate hike: Central Bank chief" (China Daily, June 25)

It is inevitable that inflation will lead to an interest rate hike.

It is because inflation has damaged the livelihood of the people, like the steep increases in pork and egg prices. The prices of aquatic products and fruit also increased this month and affected lower income people. It is necessary to stabilize the living standards of these people.

Speculation on the stock and property markets must be stopped, otherwise inflation will only get worse.


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Good news

Comment on "Loose media rules move closer to law" (China Daily, June 25)

This is good news.

It should have been done a long time ago.

Better late than never.

Hong Kong Baby

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Energy vital

Comment on "Nation shifts focus to cut energy use"(China Daily, June 25)

Energy is very important. We should cherish it to protect our surroundings.

The government should prohibit waste to protect our resources.


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Blame game

Comment on Zou Hanru's column "Hold parents responsible for kids' crimes" (China Daily, June 22)

The author says parents must be punished for the mistakes of their children.

But as we all know, there are a large number of poor parents who have to leave their children at home to work in the cities. They cannot afford to pay for their children's education in the cities they work.

Who should be responsible?


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(China Daily 06/26/2007 page11)