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Updated: 2007-06-21 07:15

Deng was right

Comment on "Thatcher: Fears about HK proved groundless" (China Daily website, June 20)

"One country, two systems" in Hong Kong has proved that what Deng Xiaoping said is completely right. It has also proved fears about Hong Kong's future are totally groundless.

Without British colonists Hong Kong can still prosper economically.


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Belated crackdown

Comment on Liu Shinan's column "Brick kilns: Where were authorities?" (China Daily, June 20)

You well expressed what the public is feeling in its heart. The corrupt officials should feel ashamed when citizens are enslaved like this.

I just hope the current crackdown and in-depth investigation will not come and go like any other campaign which is superficial and short.


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'Baseless accusations'

Comment on "Proposal to raise UN criticism threshold in line with rules" (China Daily, June 20)

Perhaps serious rules should be seriously taken into account to punish baseless accusations (on human rights).

Such baseless accusations waste others' time when they have more urgent agendas such as environmental protection.


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Curbs hurt US

Comment on "US curbs on high-tech exports to hurt trade" (China Daily, June 20)

The revised restriction over the exports to China will not affect China's economy. In fact it will do harm to those high-tech US companies.

That they cannot sell their products to China means they will lose a huge market. But China can purchase what they need from other partners. So, it's not wise to impose such a restriction on bilateral trading.


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No threat

Comment on "China builds highway to Qomolangma base camp" (China Daily website, June 20)

Someone said: "Please don't ruin this beautiful place."

A highway will not ruin the beauty of the place.

Besides, the purpose of the highway is to enable people to gain access to the place and thus be able to see the beauty of Mount Qomolangma.


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(China Daily 06/21/2007 page11)