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Updated: 2007-06-20 07:06

Helping Iraq

Comment on "China welcome to explore Iraqi oil resources: Envoy" (China Daily, June 19)

I am extremely happy to see China lend a hand to other underdeveloped nations to find a better life.

I suggest we should benefit Iraq by equally sharing the profits. In this way China can show our third world brothers our true and good intentions. Deeds speak louder than words.


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Valuable reporting

Comment on You Nuo's column "We need investigative journalists" (China Daily, June 18)

Investigative journalism is a practice that is common in many countries of the world. Investigative journalism helps keep corruption, treachery and collusion at bay.

It plays a critical role in keeping society open and honest.

The exposure by Mr Fu of the brick kiln scandal shows the value of investigative journalism in China by bringing information to its citizens. Otherwise such operations would not be known. Perhaps repeated shocks of this kind of news in the future may change people's minds about investigative journalism.


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Call for justice

Comment on "Some human traffickers may walk away in 'slave' case" (China Daily website, June 19)

Sorry, this is totally unacceptable in modern China. We want a civilized, harmonious society. Every evil person who exploits a fellow citizen has to be punished, according to law. There should be no loopholes.

China is a great country and we have to show the world that laws respect every citizen, regardless of wealth.

In 1949 Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed: "The Chinese people have stood up." Everyone today has to stand up and call for justice for these poor, tragic, lost people.

Wo ai zhongguo

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Real labor problems

Comment on "Federation vows to protect migrants" (China Daily, June 19)

Well, at least these people didn't work at McDonald's. Maybe the trade union should spend more time focusing on domestic labor practices and abuses instead of trying to blame all the problems on high profile Western companies.


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Roots of pollution

Comment on "Two major lakes again hit by algae" (China Daily, June 18)

The algae outbreak is a serious warning for industrial polluters. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly while pollution keeps going from bad to worse.

What can we do as both civilians and government officials at all levels?

Although the government has taken effective measures to curb the awful situation, the results are not promising.

We should encourage civil society to understand the need for environmental protection, and we should tackle corruption in these pollution cases.


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(China Daily 06/20/2007 page11)