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Updated: 2007-06-19 07:10
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Long memory

Comment on "Friendship delegation arrives in Beijing" (China Daily, June 18)

I hope the Japanese people will understand that the Chinese people have a long memory about all good and bad things done by them.

Friendship is based on sincerity, mutual respect and willingness to help and support one another.

H.S. Yuen

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Slave labor

Comment on "Slave-labor boss detained amid national shock" (China Daily website, June 18)

If things like this are allowed to happen then labor laws will become pieces of worthless paper. I read in another article that local officials knew of the forced slavery, only asking for money to keep quiet. Those officials should be arrested and put on trial.

The boss's statement in the article shows that he feels no guilt and if he had the chance he would do the same despicable things again.

Overall this shows that the government needs to keep a closer eye on kiln operations and reinforce the local officials' commitment on fighting corruption and protecting the rights of the workers.

Sean Henderson

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Ethics needed

Comment on "3m social workers needed: Expert" (China Daily, June 18)

Three million social workers are needed following investigative journalists, competent, credible and independent judges, bosses who don't starve, beat and enslave their workers and honest food and drug safety chiefs who are not corrupt the list goes on.

Maybe a good place to start is in universities that don't turn a blind eye to failed students and can inculcate ethics into future generations of Chinese professionals.


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Students as gods

Comment on Liu Shinan's column "Time to defend teachers" (China Daily, June 13)

Schools should not be so lenient with students who show no respect for their teachers. If schools always comply with students' ideas, students will be prone to be more critical of their teachers, even teachers who are not so bad.

I was a teacher in a private school. Students in that school were very critical of teachers, and no teacher could teach for more than one month.

Because the school values the students as their gods, once the students are not satisfied with their teacher, the teacher is fired.


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Failing students

Comment on "Over 200 graduates disqualified for graduation" (China Daily website, June 18)

I think universities and colleges really should have done this earlier for the sake of quality academic education and for the students.

It may be a little hard in the beginning, but I believe in its significance and am all for it.


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