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Updated: 2007-06-15 06:54

Mixed marriage OK

Comment on "Mixed marriages on the increase" (China Daily, June 14)

I think Chinese people are slowly but surely learning that it is OK to mix with others. And this is just the beginning for China.

One question that raises - Chinese males may find it more difficult to find a female partner. There is already a gender imbalance. So what will happen to Chinese men?

Ms Liu

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No child labor

Comment on "Olympic child labor probe continues" (China Daily website, June 14)

Adult graduates will get more job opportunities if employers are less greedy for higher profits. This should be the practice not just for sake of the Olympics but for the Chinese who are in need of job opportunities to survive.

It is a matter so easy to fix if common citizens tell the governments where such places exist.

Loving China ZZZ

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More surnames

Comment on "Chinese surname shortage sparks rethink" (China Daily website, June 14)

A name is only a name. It doesn't change one's character or value on earth.

I heartily endorse any changes that will make life easier for people. Stop hanging on over every move using the excuse of tradition. Life is very short - just enjoy it.


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Pre-Games advice

Elizabeth Clement, a foreign professor in Peking University who has lived in China for years, told us her suggestions for keeping Beijing a livable city during the Olympic Games.

She said major international events always cause inconvenience to local residents, such as injuries due to large crowds in a limited space or lack of crowd control.

She believes Beijing authorities are aware of these problems in cities that stage large-scale public events and have done risk assessment and crowd-control planning.

She suggested that the municipal government balance the overall cultural and financial benefit against the inconvenience to the city's residents. In her opinion, traffic will be a major problem during the Olympics. Beijing should improve traffic and better coexistence of bicycles and cars.

Du Juan, Jia Hao, Jiang

Guangxue Students in Peking University

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(China Daily 06/15/2007 page11)