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Updated: 2007-06-13 07:03
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Growing pains

Comment on "Noble thoughts of an Economics Nobel laureate" (China Daily, June 11)

China is industrializing. Like all industrializing nations, there are a lot of growing pains.

Western nations were industrializing from the 1760s to the 1920s. They also suffered lots of development problems, despite the fact that they got cheap resources and manpower from pillaging and exploiting worldwide resources and people.


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Protecting workers

Comment on "Labor law: 'No giving in to pressure'" (China Daily, June 12)

Some Chinese companies, not just foreign companies, do not look after the welfare of their employees, either. Related government departments should investigate.

I am an employee in a French company. I know that many European and American companies in China obey the labor laws of China. Many university graduates would like to work in foreign companies because they take good care of employees' rights.

Please do not only emphasize labor law regarding foreign companies. We do not want to work for Chinese privately owned companies at all because many of those companies do not offer us any protection at all.


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Student loans

Comment on "Students face suits for loan defaults" (China Daily, June 12)

Today student loans are a hot topic in universities, especially among a lot of vocational school and college graduates who graduated in the last two years. They can't pay back loans because they can't get suitable work after graduation.

In my opinion, some students haven't studied hard enough in school. To some extent, their personality leads to their failure. Some students often play on the Internet and watch films.

My suggestion is that schools and colleges should take some measures to prohibit such behavior to improve students' ability.


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Death penalty

Comment on "Death penalty to be, or not to be" (China Daily, June 12)

What matters is the swiftness and certainty of the punishment, not the severity. In fact, imprisonment lasting 14 or 20 years can be crueler than the death penalty. It costs too much, however. That is perhaps why execution is preferred.

Nitin Sen

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Healthy pigs

Comment on "Pig disease sweeps 22 provinces" (China Daily, June 12)

The government and universities need to work together to educate and enforce health standards.


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