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Updated: 2007-06-08 06:58
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Need to read

Comment on "Officials need to read in order to lead" (China Daily, June 6)

I don't think "not having enough time" is the proper reason for not reading.

These gentlemen we are alluding to are lazy. They are in positions where they can call on others to read for them. They have grown up in a world that demands very little of them.

They like drinking, eating out and having drivers, owning flats or even houses. All of these have given them the impression that they are special.


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Sex education

Comment on "People okay with premarital sex: Survey" (China Daily, June 7)

There should be sex education in China. As far as I know, there is no sex education at all in schools or virtually anywhere.


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Environment issues

Comment on You Nuo's column "No more business as usual" (China Daily, June 4)

A reliable national media outlet should not only provide the latest news but also raise the public's awareness of social issues.

I appreciate China Daily's move to increase coverage of environment-related issues as one of its priorities.

China has been plagued by pollution. Its annual growth shows that the country will continue to have environmental problems.

Lessons from developed countries should educate China on environmental protection and help prevent it from following the same destructive pattern rich countries have undergone.

Or else it will be too late for regret.

Chen Xiao

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Nation's health

Comment on "Chinese health sharply declining" (China Daily website, June 6)

The declining national health is apparently a side effect of our dysfunctional education system. Besides, the Chinese system should encourage innovation and creativity.

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HK and Basic Law

Comment on "Basic Law 'guarantees democracy'" (China Daily, June 7)

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China.

Any responsible Hong Kong resident who can read and think understands that organizing an illegal demonstration is going against this principle. Yes, the Basic Law allows freedom of speech, but logically if you're part of a body, would you want to harm yourself?


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