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Updated: 2007-06-07 07:20

Olympics sabateurs

Comment on "US doesn't back Games boycott plan" (China Daily, June 6)

There are people in Western nations who want to sabotage and ruin the 2008 Olympics in China. These saboteurs say they stand up for justice, but in reality, they just want Sudan's oil for themselves and to satisfy their "guilt" by attacking China.

China must take this threat seriously and destroy their efforts to ruin the 2008 Olympics.

China must defeat this political terrorism.


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Pollution solution

Comment on "Pollution picture to brighten" (China Daily, June 6)

There's no need to close down many chemical factories, which will just make more Chinese lose their jobs and do little to help the environment.

The most important thing governments can do is to help those factories turn to energy-saving technologies while monitoring the factories' management. More help instead of bans is what they really need.


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Missile mentality

Comment on "Missile defense system 'could harm stability'" (China Daily, June 6)

Who are the missiles meant for? Why is the US so keen on doing this? Why is one country in this world allowed to install weapons here and there freely? Will there be any provocation of a fight after the weapons have been installed or will such weapons be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations on other matters?

There must be very tangible reasons apart from the rhetorical excuse of security.

Anger is never the solution. An in-depth analysis on the aggressor's politics and economy could be a better option.


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Weed-eating carp

Comment on "A canopy of duckweed" (China Daily website, June 6)

There is a species of fresh or sweet water carp that can devour this type of weed. According to the scientific findings by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one single carp could eat up to 2.5 times its own body weight in a single day.

In Wuhan, Hubei Province it proved very successful.

Weed Eating Carp

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(China Daily 06/07/2007 page11)