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Updated: 2007-06-06 07:02

Little emperors

Comment on Raymond Zhou's column "Rebelliousness needs outlets" (China Daily, June 2)

The students are acting this way because they are raised in a culture where many parents refuse to punish their children for bad behavior.

These little emperors and empresses think they can do anything they want, because they have never been held responsible for their actions. Some parents are always protecting their children even when they are wrong.

These children have no concept of sympathy toward others and care only about themselves. It is the problem of a society that spoils their children.


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As a reader, I appeal to education officials to give their attention to innocent teachers and prevent them from being insulted by students. The whole society is inclined to focus on students' interests, while neglecting teachers'. However, society must be aware of a fact that a new generation of students is hard to keep on a leash as they always label themselves as "new human beings".

On June 1, the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors took effect. And all of the public attention has been place on the minors' interests. But this online video clip told us minors were insulting and poking fun at teachers.

Given teachers are faced with mounting pressure to deal with the particular group, a special team should be set up to manage school boys and girls, helping them to respect their teachers.

An effort is badly needed.

Xiao Chen

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Climate change

Comment on "Action plan aims to cut gas emissions" (China Daily, June 5)

Climate change becomes more and more serious. It affects all the people in the world.

The developed countries should help developing countries to cut greenhouse gas emission. We ought to share technology.


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Let kids be kids

Comment on "Kids forced to work too hard: Survey" (China Daily, June 5)

Indeed students in China work really hard. Children waste their youth on studies, often trying to cram useless information into their brains which are not designed to focus this much at a young age.

Through exploring and playing, children can learn a lot more. Then again that is hard since millions want to go to a good school, but only thousands can. I just wish Chinese youth could be allowed to be what they are. Just children.


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Not harmonious

Comment on "Posh buildings target of probe" (China Daily, June 5)

We can see a lot of poor people who cannot support their ordinary life, while government officials' buildings are really lavish. That is not harmonious.


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(China Daily 06/06/2007 page11)