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Updated: 2007-06-05 07:26

Healthy living

The reform of our healthcare system is already on the way. However, it is unlikely that our country can afford the huge medical costs caused by increasing numbers of non-communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease, stoke and various types of cancers.

Nevertheless, it has been proven that most of these diseases are highly preventable by enjoying a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet. Therefore the development of health promotion is essential for the future health and wealth of our people.

Our educational system could be a platform to deliver health information effectively - first to the children, then through the children to their family members.

For example, new songs could be developed to promote a balanced diet among kindergarten kids. As they sing, family members could be affected as well.

Above all, it's essential for our teachers to gain more knowledge about healthy living.

Wenbin Liang

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Rebel teenagers

Comment on Raymond Zhou's column "Rebelliousness needs outlets" (China Daily, June 2)

Rebelliousness is natural, because sometimes teenagers are really depressed. They want to burst out to release their sense of uncertainty about the future.

All we can do is to try to communicate with them and understand them.


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Energy, environment

Comment on "No more business as usual" (China Daily, June 4)

We have to give credit where it's due - to the dedicated journalists and those who struggle to take a stance against the exacerbating conflict between environmental sustainability and energy generation.


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Smoke-free Olympics

Comment on "Smoke-free environment" (China Daily, June 2)

Smoking has cast a dark shadow over the health of the Chinese people and tainted the nation's image.

China has entered the pivotal stage in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with 400-plus days left. We must create a tobacco-free environment for the Games.


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Human cruelty

Comment on Liu Shinan's column "How can people be so cruel?" (China Daily, May 23)

I felt overwhelmed with grief reading your article.

It is difficult to inculcate sympathy, compassion and consideration in every heart on earth but we should not lose hope.

I am a Buddhist. Giving and forgiveness are part of the practice that can mitigate such terrifying situations.

I am sure not only me, but a school of like-minded people are behind you.

Wisanu Berananda


(China Daily 06/05/2007 page11)