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Updated: 2007-06-01 07:08
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Fighting terrorism

Comment on "Anti-terrorism law on cards, experts claim" (China Daily, May 31)

The world needs nation-to-nation cooperation, including anti-terrorism activities.

No country should just stand by. Today you stand by, tomorrow you are the target of the terrorist.


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Comment on "Stocks plummet nearly 7 percent" (China Daily website, May 31)

The stock market in China is the latest indication of capital manipulation.

Other examples are the "Dot com Bomb", the US housing market and junk bonds.


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Push together

Comment on Hong Liang's column "Welcome, pushy mainlanders" (China Daily, May 29)

The art of pushing is to push together. That's what Chinese business people should learn from foreigners.


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One cruel world

Comments on Liu Shinan's column "How can people be so cruel?" (China Daily, May 23)

It is all too easy to be cruel, to be terrible, to be without care - when the only thing taught is "greed is good". You may want to read an article by Jack Lessenberry in the Detroit Metro Times,

He has the same type of lament as you over the current generation's lack of concern for their fellow people. But I ask you what I have asked him - what do you expect?

China and America have shared a terrible lesson - education in both countries does not attach enough importance to morals, which leads to bitter disappointment.

Matthew A. Sawtell

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It is a pity that a young girl took her life. Although some may think that the store manager was harsh to the girl, leading her to commit suicide, we have to look at both sides of the coin.

If the store is often "patronized" by shoplifters and experiences losses the store will eventually close and workers in the shop will lose their jobs.

It is not the value of the bread that counts, it is the act that the girl committed.

The store manager had already been kind not to hand the girl over to the police or physically harm her.

August Chua

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