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Updated: 2007-05-30 07:28

Short on service

Comment on You Nuo's "Time to redefine 'service'" (China Daily, May 29)

"Service" means customer service, caring for the customer, taking the customer's needs into consideration. This requires employers to train employees.

Here are a few examples of "bad service":

1. Restaurant. The serving staff sees that the tea cups and drinking glasses are empty. They should refill them or ask if the customer would like "another beer" (or whatever).

2. Restaurant. The meal is finished; the guests are talking. The table has a mountain of dirty plates and uneaten food. The wait staff should remove the dishes as they are emptied. Nobody likes to sit around the trash can talking. Why must we do this in a restaurant?

3. Shopping. How many times have you tried to find a staff person to help you and see that he/she is talking to friends or on the phone. This type of "service" is prevalent in supermarkets. I have often seen five or six workers standing around talking. The customers must walk around them to continue shopping.

4. How often do you buy medicine and have the cashier take your money and then throw the medicine and bag to you.

5. When is the last time that anyone said "Thank you" as you paid for something?


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Rural migration

Comment on "Premier: Give 'left-behind' children more love" (China Daily website, May 29)

It's the economic imbalance between areas that causes migration. The government doesn't take enough action to eliminate or reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. That causes continuous migration.

In my opinion, the government should think about improving school conditions and the medical system. These two aspects are especially what rural people worry about. If these are guaranteed, most pressure on rural people will be removed.

Economic Imbalance

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