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Updated: 2007-05-29 07:33

Public apology

Comment on "Manners, please" (China Daily, May 21)

Li Jingjun is perfectly right when saying "service is always the soul of an enterprise."

Finnair has been flying to China since 1988 and is constantly striving to offer premium service to our customers. We have, for example, Chinese flight attendants on board and signs in Mandarin at our home hub in Helsinki in order to ensure a safe and comfortable traveling experience for our Chinese customers. Finnair's cabin crew is also multi-culturally trained in order to meet the requests from our international customers.

On your particular flight our service standards unfortunately failed. Please accept our sincerest apologies and be comforted by the fact that we will do our utmost to make sure that such a breach does not occur again.

Mikko Rautio

Sales Director

Beijing Finnair office

Mental illness

Comment on Zou Hanru's column "Go public on mental health" (China Daily, May 25)

Spread this message. It's a very important one. We must get beyond the stigma attached to this disease.

We don't shun heart or cancer victims. But many of us just have difficulty facing mental illness sufferers.

I know, I've been there. Mental illness is a no-fault disease and we must begin to educate the world so that the one in five people in the world who suffer can and will get help.

Dr Neil Francis

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Do your best

Comment on "Fatal pressure" (China Daily, May 28)

With one child in each family, all hope and expectation are vested in this only child.

It is really awfully lonely and burdensome for any young man or woman to try to meet these hopes of families and society.

The young generation should be taught just to do their best. Success or failure does not matter as long as they have made their best efforts.

To be happy in life does not mean great success but to have the right attitude and views about life.

China must educate her young people to be more philosophical toward life instead of focusing on material and worldly success.

As long as one has done the best, that is enough. To be happy does not require tons of money or fame. Enjoy the beauty around us in nature and in each other.


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(China Daily 05/29/2007 page11)