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Updated: 2007-05-24 06:55
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The real reasons

Comment on "China, US seek to ease trade woes" (China Daily, May 23)

The real causes of the trade deficit were objectively stated by the chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce China in an interview with China Daily.

First, it is the change in world trading patterns. While having a trade surplus with the United States, China is having trade deficits with countries that supply it with raw materials and semi-processed goods.

Second, the accounting does not include trade in services.

Third, the United States still does not consider China a free-market economy and continues to restrict exports to China.

It is a case of one side willing to sell anything while the other is saying, "I'll sell you only what I want to sell you." The latter should know it has no right to cry foul in this case.

China should invest in people and in talent. The next phase of Chinese industrialization is high-tech industries. They should be indigenous industries, not foreign-invested ones.

Instead of sending billions into the hands of the Americans, this money should be used to set up R&D infrastructures and facilities and to attract scientists and technologically skilled workers from all over the world.


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Help 'land turtles'

Comment on You Nuo's column "Brave new world of employment" (China Daily, May 21)

Your talk of overseas graduates and domestic graduates reminded me of the evolving war between the so-called haigui or sea turtles and lugui or land turtles.

As a growing number of overseas Chinese graduates start seeking job opportunities on the mainland, the land turtles face mounting pressure in the already cutthroat employment market because of the grim challenge posted by those with international experience.

The country welcomes sea turtles in accordance with its national policy.

But who will protect the interests of the land turtles who, as you say, are trained in more textbook-oriented classes with little international experience?

Of course, China's education system is to blame for the disparities. But, in my point of view, a national policy is worth developing to better guard the interests of domestic graduates.

China should put the war to an end and have turtles join hands in building a prosperous country.


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Full disclosure

Comment on "Vice-governor of Guangdong abused power" (China Daily, May 23)

To cope with the new challenges in the era of reform and opening-up, the party has to establish a new strict code of discipline to regulate the behavior of its members.

One essential part is that every government and Party leader must provide a public statement on the annual income they earn, the capital assets they have, and the real estate they possess.

Thus, they will put themselves under the supervision of the Party and the people.


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Total audit needed

Comment on "Audit body vows closer scrutiny" (China Daily, May 23)

The State Council should establish a large enough auditing team and extend its practice to every public or State-owned institution that operates with taxpayers' money.

It is beyond dispute that corruption will be rooted out when auditing covers not only public funds and State-owned enterprises but also includes administrative expenses, defense expenses and when every cent of taxpayers' money is accounted for.


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Dreams smashed

Comment on Raymond Zhou's column "Ad slogans a matter of taste"

The surging housing prices have turned out to be scary for ordinary people who dream of owning a house. Prices have smashed their dream to pieces.

The municipal governments should have made efforts to control the skyrocketing prices.

G. Q.

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