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Updated: 2007-05-23 07:06
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Dialogue works best

Comment on "Optimism high at second trade talks" (China Daily, May 22)

Since China and the United States are two of the biggest countries in world trade, no single law can resolve all the questions. So dialogue at the strategic level is a better method.


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Thorns amid roses

Comment on "China to take part in Rose Parade" (China Daily website, May 20)

I was very happy to read that China will participate with a float in the world famous Los Angeles Pasadena Rose Parade seen all over the world each January 1.

China is a great country and should be represented in the parade. It has been disappointing to see Taiwan, which is a province of China, represented with a float each year.

Since China is the country and Taiwan is not, the annual Taiwan float should be withdrawn.

Harry Sauberman, California

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Product safety

Comment on "Consumer product safety 'our top priority'" (China Daily, May 22)

I wonder why product safety is even an issue in China. According to Chinese posters here, all goods sold in China are great products, especially the food products. Not one single person died in China due to food safety issues in the last decades.

China has the best and cheapest food in the world and it should be celebrated.

Why oh why

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High-tech deficit

Comment on Hot Talks "What is the real solution to America's trade deficit?" (China Daily website, May 22)

The fault lies with the United States continuing to restrain export of its advanced technology to China because of its suspicion that such high technology will be used in weapon applications.

However, China could always turn to many other countries, benefiting EU countries and widening US trade deficits.


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Meaning of life

Comment on "Report: Lin Daiyu actress dies at 42" (China Daily website, May 17)

She came for a purpose. Having fulfilled it, she has left.


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