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Updated: 2007-05-18 07:02
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Improve tax system

Comment on "China ranks third on 'tax misery' list" (China Daily, May 17)

I think the tax system in China causes problems and misery for most Chinese with low incomes. The threshold for personal income tax is now 1,600 yuan. I think it should be higher in some cities according to the average income level.

Because of the more expensive cost of living and high housing prices the government should relieve taxes to some degree.

And it is important to complete the social security system for healthcare insurance and other welfare for all people, not just for a few. Only then will we not feel miserable paying taxes.


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'Fake justice'

Comment on "Consultations to handle US complaints" (China Daily, May 17)

This is not just about intellectual property rights. Yes, China needs to fix this problem. However, some foreigners use fake justice to justify attacking other nations.

(1) Hollywood can dictate the price of its products/services. Hollywood also has extra rights over tits products/services. Hollywood gets intellectual property rights for what seems to be eternity.

(2) Many foreigners love taking advantage of China's cheap labor and lax economic laws. In their own nation, these foreigners would be arrested for paying illegally low salaries and for breaking many economic laws.

However, many foreigners hate China's selling Hollywood products according to local demand. Hollywood, the supplier, wants to increase the price and force its customers to pay outrageous prices. Remember, capitalism says "supply and demand", not just demand and demand or supply and supply.


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Blame the school

Comment on Liu Shinan's column "Our officials have speech problems" (China Daily, May 16)

What the school administrators should have done during the hours of official speeches was to provide warm clothes, drinks and food to the students during the speeches, preferably far from the speeches, so that their enjoyment of warm food and drink was not affected by the speeches.

We only have the school administration to blame.

Tongue tied

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Disposable kids

Comment on "Japan irked toddler put in baby drop box" (China Daily website, May 17)

It is terrible for a toddler to be simply dropped off like that. If some people are not ready to be parents then they shouldn't have children - or engage in activities that could get them pregnant.

I believe that all children in the world should be cared for and loved.


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The people's money

Comment on "Wasteful spending by gov'ts criticized" (China Daily, May 16)

The Chinese people, although far from being the richest people in the world, have to support the government with a lot of taxes.

Some officials in this country just treat RMB ("the people's money") as nobody's money. They might think they are utter fools if they do not squander every cent they can lay their hands on.

Chairman Mao Zedong said the exclusive goal of the Party and government is to serve the people heart and soul. However, when reading this report, what will people feel about the wasteful expenditure?


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