Bring on the beef

By Dawn Carlson (
Updated: 2008-06-03 14:18

Designed for serious carnivores, ARCO Latina will give you more than your daily-recommended dose of protein.

While there will be a la carte dishes available, the buffet is the main attraction at this recently opened Brazilian barbecue restaurant. At 168 yuan per person, it includes a generous selection of cold salads, soups, sides, seafood and dessert, and this is just an accompaniment.

The real deal is the meat, which they slice from skewers directly onto your plate. The beef may be the highlight but the other offerings are equally delicious. We sampled everything they brought to our table, unable to resist the sumptuous sliced beef, crispy pork, chicken wrapped in bacon, lamb chops and more.

While a bit expensive at 58 yuan, we also tried the signature house drink, the Caipirinha, a combination of Cachaca (Brazilian liquor distilled from sugarcane), lime and sugar on the rocks. Finally full, we turned over the small paper bulls on our table from the green "Yes Please" side to the red "No Thanks," our signal to the staff that they need not bring more meat in our direction, and walked away so full we didn't even realize we hadn't made it to dessert.

Add: 1/F, JinJiang Hotel, 59 Maoming Nan Lu
Tel: 6472-2718


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