Greeks know best

Updated: 2008-06-03 15:01

As Summer comes, Greek salad has become a favorite of many girls. Where to get the best Greek salads? Here are some suggestions.

Greek Taverna
This Greek salad (40 yuan) tops the list. Perfectly creamy, almost sweet, homemade feta cheese atop leafy greens complements chunks of red tomato, colorful rings of red and green peppers and red onion mixed together with velvety olive oil and whole kalamata olives. Attractively served along with oregano sprinkled pita bread makes this one stand out as one of the best Greek salads in town.
Add: Unit 41 Thumb Plaza, 199 Fangdian Lu
Tel: 5033-7500

Element Fresh
All the right components are here in this Greek salad (68 yuan). Mixed baby greens add color and variety dotted by small pieces of kalamata olives. A creamy feta (though slightly too salty) adds depth while cherry tomatoes and a few slices of cucumber mix well with the vinaigrette dressing, though it's a bit heavy on the vinegar. Overall, this is an attractive, healthy salad.

Haya's Mediterranean Cuisine
The key here is the feta cheese, creamy with a touch of salt. The dressing does not overpower. This Greek salad (30 yuan) has, all-round, a good value. The vegetables are mixed and chopped to blend their natural flavors with the light dressing, although the black olives are less authentic-Cnot kalamata. As a bonus, this one is served with warm pita bread.
Add: 2/F, 3219 Hongmei Lu or 415 Dagu Lu
Tel: 6465-1166 (Gubei), 6295-9511 (Jing'an)


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