Hear from a legend

Updated: 2008-05-30 10:54

The cuisine is essentially Sichuan in tone. The chef has opted for classic, yet exquisite dishes, largely embracing the traditional but with a few forays into more novel gastronomic territory.

The majority of the dishes though are redolent with authentic Sichuan flavor. The rabbit meat from old Chengdu city is a little known, yet somehow typical, Sichuan-style cold dish. The diced rabbit is stir-fried with peanuts, sesame, pepper and chili oil, to create a dish not wholly dissimilar to the more common spicy chicken. Less familiar, though, are the house special stone-fired shrimps.

To create this remarkable dish, a layer of heated stones is placed at the bottom of a container and then overlaid with leeks. Legend boasts comparatively few offerings in a Cantonese style, but it takes great pains to get them right. Its shark’s fin, abalone and bird’s nest are superb.

China wine, Domestic red wine, yellow wine and beer are also on offer.

There staff are efficient, courteous and attentive.

Legend is set in a nineteenth century-styled house. Charmingly, everything, where possible, retains the original styling. Price?A very reasonable RMB 80 per head (unless ordering premium dishes such as shark fin or abalone)

Location:218 Sichuan Road M. Shanghai
Tel: 021-63298117


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