Musical story in the sky for children

Updated: 2008-03-26 16:52

Cover of "Adventure of Star Cat and His Friends," Modern Sky's first album targeting young listeners. [Photo:]

Modern Sky, China's largest independent music label, considers children key inhabitants of the musical world, and has released a compilation album to help open the musical gates for children.

"Adventure of Star Cat and His Friends," Modern Sky's first album targeting young listeners, was released on Monday in Beijing.

The inspirational album aims to fill a long-standing vacancy in China's children's music industry, the record label said in a statement. It is not only a collection of songs, but also features narration of a fictional story to inspire children's imaginations.

The album's centerpiece, Star Cat, is the protagonist of the popular 3D animation of the same name, and is familiar to Chinese children. The compilation contains the title song from "Star Cat," and another 12 songs embellishing 12 chapters of the animated hero's new adventures.

Children are able to conjure up mental fairytales when listening to such an album, Modern Sky says.

The songs were written by Modern Sky-signed band Milk@Coffee, covering the genres of pop, disco, folk and bossa nova. The album was recorded by a group of young stars from well-known children's choruses in Beijing.

Rich lyrics and diverse melodies make the album a symbol of a new kind of music for Chinese children, Modern Sky says.


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