Hazardous health styles

By Han Manman (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-03-26 11:05

Healthy concepts have become the fashion, and many people who want to pursue a high quality life pounce on every new healthy idea. However, even after doing so, people's health has not improved. Why? Getting the wrong idea could be the answer.

Wrong concept 1: Colonic irrigation or fasting for a day can effectively eliminate large quantities of toxic waste that affects the entire body.

Many believe colonic irrigation is a natural way to achieve healthy skin by removing putrefaction and toxic waste. Some say fasting for a day a week is a good way to eliminate body waste. They only eat fruit or drink honey water throughout the chosen day.

Expert opinion: In traditional Chinese medical theory, eliminating toxic waste is very important. Besides bowel movements and sweat, blood-letting was also popular in ancient China. However, experts say colonic irrigation can easily cause the intestine to become thick and may also lead to intestinal failure. Fasting is also unwise, especially for people who have a weak spleen and stomach or low blood sugar.

Wrong concept 2: Doing it naturally is best. In recent years, consuming natural foods and using natural materials for skincare have become very popular. Aloe is a perfect example.

Expert opinion: Aloe does indeed provide health care functions for the body. However, aloe has over 500 different varieties and only a dozen or so should be used on the skin and very few should be ingested.

Aloe that contains Aloe-emodin also leads to diarrhea. So, directly use or eating natural materials is not suitable for all, and certainly not the best.

Wrong concept 3: Brush your teeth immediately after a meal. To protect teeth and avoid developing halitosis, bacterial bad breath, many fashionable ladies always brush their teeth immediately after their work lunch.

Expert opinion: Although you may think you should brush your teeth after breakfast, you are wrong. Immediately after eating food, the acid levels in the mouth increase to protect tooth enamel and can be impeded by immediate brushing. It is recommended to wait one hour after the meal before brushing since this will give your saliva a chance to buffer the acids and prevent abrasive wear on your teeth’s enamel.

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