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More progress on virtual reality base in Nanchang


Updated: 2016-03-07 09:47:31


East China's Nanchang city will work together with High Technology Computer Corporation (HTC) to develop virtual reality (VR) industry base, said Guo An, mayor of Nanchang city and a deputy to the National People's Congress on Saturday.

HTC will establish stores for users to experience virtual scenes in Nanchang to promote VR technology, said Guo. The national key laboratory on VR is considering to build a branch in Nanchang and Beihang University is also willing to establish a VR laboratory here, he said. Nanchang has full advantages to develop VR industry because it has technologies and talents, he added.

Guo also said that Nanchang will set up many platforms for VR development, including VR research institutions, VR academic communication center and VR theme park.

The city announced last month plans to unveil a VR industry base and attract 1000 VR companies by investing 100 billion yuan ($15.38 billion) in three to five years.

The government will also provide one billion angel fund and 10 billion industrial investment fund to help VR companies grow.