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Ordinary woman moves country with extraordinary story

[2015-03-15 09:32]

With her heavy built, thick rural accent and kind smile, Gao Shuzhen looks just like an ordinary rural woman in North China, but what she does is anything but ordinary.

Yu: Streaming lessons over Web could transform rural education

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Yu Minhong's remarkable career, which has seen him go from being an English teacher at Peking University to CEO of the country's largest private educational institution, inspired a generation of young hopefuls to fulfill their dreams.

Policewoman climbs to top of profession

[2015-03-13 09:45]

Lei Min's gentle demeanor and elegant appearance make it hard to believe she holds the record for climbing five floors of the exterior of a building with her bare hands, having completed the task in just 57 seconds in a competition between policewomen from around the world.

Quiet pioneer speaks for fishermen

[2015-03-13 09:39]

Fisherman Li Keping loves the loneliness of the open sea and is normally a man of few words, but ask him about the industry he has served for 37 years and he will talk for hours.

Top female cop looks to the future

[2015-03-12 18:16]

If unaware of her reputation as China's No 1 policewoman, many would see Lei Min as any other female of a quiet disposition.

Writer backs 'nation of readers' vision

[2015-03-12 07:28]

Writer Chi Li rarely visits bookshops anymore and instead buys online as she believes it is difficult to find what she calls "real" books on shop shelves.

NPC's first spokeswoman shares her experience

[2015-03-11 17:37]

The first spokeswoman in the history of China's top legislative body said all questions will be answered and her job was to accurately convey the message of the congress.

Lawyer wants disclosure of officials' assets

[2015-03-11 13:50]

Han Deyun started his law career in 1994, the year when China began to allow private law firms to operate, after quitting his teaching job at a law university in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

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