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China has resilience to keep economy growing: Premier

[2015-03-15 12:59]

Premier Li Keqiang answered 17 questions from Chinese and foreign media covering almost all areas, with the focus on economy and reform.

Li: Economic growth to stay within 'reasonable range'

[2015-03-15 12:55]

Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Sunday to keep China's economic growth within a "reasonable range" as it enters the "new normal" development era.

China pools strength on Belt and Road strategy

[2015-03-12 19:30]

The Belt and Road initiatives, China's ambitious trans-Eurasia and across-ocean trade strategy, are among the most extensively referenced topics during the ongoing annual parliamentary session.

Xinjiang eyes 'core area' of Silk Road economic belt

[2015-03-10 15:57]

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is gearing up its efforts to become a "core area" of the Silk Road Economic Belt, a senior official said Tuesday.

Xi urges reform to revive rust belt in NE China

[2015-03-09 19:32]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday called for new engines to revitalize northeast China's old industrial base amid the "new normal" of economic development.

Leading CBRC official calls for more debt disclosure

[2015-03-09 16:34]

A high-ranking financial official warned on Sunday that local government debt risk is the country's top financial and fiscal risk, and called for more disclosure of debt data.

'New normal' needs environment for entrepreneurship

[2015-03-09 13:41]

To facilitate a market economy, the new generation of Chinese leaders should deal with the current status in a delicate way.

China's economy sails to deeper reforms: US experts

[2015-03-08 20:16]

The government work report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at an annual national legislative session suggests that China is resolutely determined to pursue economic transition and make further progress on its reform agenda, US experts said.

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