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Raising voice from foreign minister


Updated: 2015-03-09 18:33:41


Introduction: On March 8, in face of the Japanese reporters' tricky questions, Foreign Minister Wang Yi replied: "Only if perpetrators don't forget their responsibility, can victims find healing for their hurt. Japanese politicians need to examine their conscience. The world also has its own public opinion. Seventy years ago, Japan lost the war, and 70 years later, they should not lose their conscience."

The answer of Foreign Minister Wang Yi is very confident, calm and full of principle. It is worth noting that Wang Yi did not use intense words from beginning to end, and did not greatly criticize the Japanese. Instead, he talked about the truth. The Chinese public appreciates the attitude of the foreign minister, which reflects the opinion of this country to keep up with all the changes caused by the rise of national power. People are no longer as impulsive as ten years ago when talking about a serious conflict. The Chinese cherish principles, and emphasize logic and rationality more and more.

-Global Times, March 9, 2015, the Global Times

The sonorous and forceful answer of Wang Yi greatly impressed netizens, and they praised his answers as "representing the courage, ability, and charm of 1.3 billion Chinese. It is the real truth."

-Xinhua Daily, March 9, 2015, Xinhua Daily

If I were to reply, I would answer: only if Japan picked up 70 years of conscience could they not lose their conscience!

-@ Long Rui see the world (Long Ruijian, section chief of network division in the publicity department of Qianxinan autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province ), March 8, 2015, from Sina weibo

Germany admitted their fault, Japan admitted defeat, the two have a qualitative difference, as the most common words which appear in Japanese film and television are "I lost", rather than "I was wrong." Everyone makes mistakes and that's ok. It's not terrible to make a mistake, but impenitence is terrible.

-@ ice Black Tea love cocoa, March 8, 2015, from Sina weibo

In some respects, Japan is better than us, much better! So we should try our best to learn! Taking the developed countries as our examples, learn from them, until they can't tease us! We are also determined, if we want Japan to admit defeat, we should strive to become stronger!

-@ Nick Taoxiangui Han Huan (Han Huan, secretary of the League branch in the logistics center in Hunan academy of agricultural sciences), March 8, 2015, from Sina weibo

Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about China's diplomatic work with confidence and a capacious mind, which not only demonstrated his talent and charm, but also manifests "the grand chessboard" of China's foreign policy to the Chinese and foreign media.

-Wen Wei Po,March 9, 2015, via Wen Wei Po

Foreign Minister Wang Yi,who transferred from his position as director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, remains charming and seems rather cool coping with the media. His various vivid metaphors and occasional endearing gestures combined with impactful language during the conference demonstrate the nation's confidence, making him much loved by journalists.

-United Daily News,March 9, 2015, via United Daily News

The rise of China results in an increasingly active role in China's foreign policies. China has a firm stand in dealing with issues concerning the South China Sea and East China Sea.

-Lianhe Zaobao,March 9, 2015, via Lianhe Zaobao