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China's foreign baby formula craze


Updated: 2015-03-07 20:56:41


On March 5, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the Anhui delegation and reviewed the work report of the government. While hearing about the problem of the "foreign milk powder craze" from Zhao Wanping, deputy of the NPC, Mr. Wang Yang said, "Chinese people have been buying up global milk powder. Now you see how difficult it is to be head of the authorities."

According to a preliminary analysis, there are several reasons for the great disparity between the prices of foreign products and imported products, which result in a rapid increase in overseas purchase and consumption. The reasons are as follows: firstly, the tax ratio, especially the consumption tax on some products, is rather high.

Secondly, the circulation cost in China is too high, and the shipment logistics are too complex. There is still a lot of potential to reduce costs in logistics and management in China. The third reason is the foreign brands' price policy towards Chinese customers.

Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce at a press conference in March 7, 2015

I hope that the new leadership could change the status quo, so that people could be at ease when buying homemade milk powder.

Qianjingde_duoshou(meaning ongoing steersman) via Sina Weibo

We hope an absolutely trust-worthy enterprise appears, advancing the product quality of the related industries, which could eventually solve the trust crisis in China.

@ninjuqingchuntongxie (meaning Young-forever Student) via Sina Weibo

The morality and social responsibility of the milk-powder producers are the guarantee of their product's reputation.

@xiangqi1461338664 via Sina Weibo

The low quality of milk powder is the epitome of domestic enterprise; it also a sign of an abnormal industry.

@Lao Zhang via qq.com

For food safety, we should have zero tolerance. It should be investigated and dealt with resolutely once being found. Punish them until they become bankrupt. We should learn from Taiwan, where no one infringes the law!

@Gubagusigupian via qq.com