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Lawmakers call for greater gender equality in workplace

By Zheng Xin in Beijing (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2015-03-07 17:53:35


The government should come up with policies and regulations to ensure gender equality in employment, said National People's Congress deputies at a press conference in Beijing.

"There are more chances for women striving for excellence in the job market as China's economy enters a new normal," said Dong Mingzhu, an NPC deputy at the press conference for the Third Session of the 12th NPC.

"The government, together with the employees in China, should come up with a more favorable environment for women to start businesses in China, as the job market nowadays requires less physical strength but more wisdom."

Compared to the past few decades, the position of women has greatly improved, yet some women, especially those in the rural areas, still face discrimination in the workplace, she said.

The government should come up with more platforms for female employees to further explore their potential and thus contribute more to the country's development, said Dong.

Other deputies at the 12th NPC in Beijing also suggested that gender stereotypes and insufficient regulations protecting women are still major obstacles in the country despite progress in the fight against workplace inequality.

Fu Lijuan, another NPC deputy, said during the conference that the government should come up with anti-discrimination employment regulations to better protect female workers.

"Companies that recruit a certain percentage of female workers should be given preferential policies, " she said.