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Report on the work of the government (draft copy)


Updated: 2015-03-05 16:24:41


We will use institutional innovation to drive scientific and technological innovation.

It is people who make innovations and create things. We will speed up the reform to manage the use and commoditization of and the distribution of profit from scientific and technological advances of public institutions and extend the coverage of policies which allow for incentive mechanisms for innovation based on shares and dividends. Legislation on the commercialization of research and development deliverables arid on-the-job inventions should be improved so that inventors can enjoy a share of the returns on their inventions.

We will formulate policies for encouraging the flow of researchers and engineers, reform the systems for assessing their achievements, for appraising them for the conferral of professional titles, and for granting national awards, and reform research institutions according to their functions. We will work to attract high-caliber foreign professionals and bring in other expertise from overseas.

We will fully implement the action plan for carrying out the national strategy on intellectual property rights, crack down on infringements, and ensure inventions and creative work are thoroughly protected to keep innovation thriving.

Enterprises play a leading role in technological innovation. We will implement and improve preferential policies, such as extra tax deductions for research and development costs and policies that support new- and high-technology enterprises, so as to encourage enterprises to increase their spending on innovation. We will encourage enterprise involvement in implementing major science and technology projects and building research platforms, and promote collaborative innovation by bringing together enterprises, academia, and research institutes, with enterprises playing the leading role.

We will work hard to develop the right environment for creativity, establishing more national innovation demonstration zones, ensuring the smooth functioning of new- and high-technology national development zones, and enabling them to play a leading role in boosting innovation. Medium, small, and micro businesses can accomplish great things. We need to give them a leg up to get them going. With these efforts, China's grassroots innovation can sprout up arid grow strong, bringing flowers of creation to every field.

To make innovation deliver, effective allocation of science and technology resources is crucial. We need to reform the management of science and technology plans funded by the central government to establish an open and unified national science and technology management platform. With the focus on supporting basic research, research in cutting-edge technologies, arid key technologies that have a broad application, the government will encourage original innovation and move faster to launch major national science and technology projects. We will enable open access to the country's major science and research infrastructure facilities as well as large-scale or costly research equipment. By giving free rein to the talent arid ingenuity of the Chinese people, we will welcome in a new high tide of popular innovation.