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Raising voice against corruption


Updated: 2015-03-04 16:29:47


On behalf of the 12th Standing Committee of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political advisory body in China, Yu Zhengsheng delivered a work report at the meeting. According report it, 14 people, including Ling Jihua and Surong, have been disqualified from being the CPPCC National Committee member. Yu said: "We will continue to unswervingly promote the party work style and clean government and combat corruption."

"It is the first time in nearly 20 years that anti-corruption has been explicitly put forward in CPPCC National Committee Chairman’s work report."

- Xinhua News Agency, Mar 4, 2015, via Xinhua network

(What do you say about the fall of military tiger?) "Whoever you are, a soldier, an ordinary people, or a regional officer, those who break the Party discipline and national laws deserves a severe punishment without any concession."

- Zhu Heping (CPPCC National Committee member, late Marshal Zhu De’s grandson), Mar 3, 2015, via chinanews.com

"Laundering the national research grants into your own pocket is the most disgusting behavior."

- Linghu An (NPC deputy and NPC Standing Committee member), Mar 3, 2015, via The Mirror

"As a cultural worker and writer, I have read the Twenty-Four Histories. No dynasty has been overturned because of anti-corruption."

- Er Yuehe (a writer), Mar 3, 2015, via Chinanews.com

"Although I am not a CPPCC member, I propose to release a new version of yuan notes, printing Wusong (a character who killed a tiger in Chinese classical novel Water Margin) on 100 yuan and a swatter on 50 yuan. This will help to carry out comprehensive anti-corruption drive as it will instill fear in corrupt officials."

- Wang Xiaochuan (CEO of Sogou Company), Mar 4, 2015, via Sina Weibo

"Anti-corruption should be written into the Party Constitution."

- Jiazhoumeng CaliforniaDreamin, Mar 3, 2015, via Sina Weibo